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Ever since I was a young girl, I have always really preferred Clinique products. And even in middle school I snuck into my mom's cosmetic drawer and used some of her beauty products to impress my friends at school, thankfully my mother never let me out the door, but that is another story entirely. However, Clinique Bonus Time is really my favorite time of the year, because it's when I can purchase all of my Clinique products at great discounts.

So at this point you maybe wondering about Clinique Bonus Time and how you can benefit from the discounts. Well for starters it's important to look at what sets Clinique products apart from all the other makeup products and why you should consider switching to Clinique. One of the main differences between similar brands of cosmetics, is the fact that Clinique uses the input of professional dermatologist to formulate and create their beauty products. All of these things are important when considering Clinique products and one of the reasons they cost slightly more.

The other fact that many people will appreciate about the Clinique brand of cosmetics, is they are allergy tested and fragrance free. If you have allergies or people you work with have allergies, Clinique makeup and lotions make perfect sense, as you don't have to worry about bothering fellow coworkers. Now there is nothing wrong with strong perfumes and beauty products, but at the same time having just a hint or no perfume at all, can make just as much of an impression.

Besides a long list of cosmetic products, Clinique also has several products specially formulated to promote good skin care, which are a must for any women. And a lot of their skin care products, not only help promote getting rid of acne and other skin conditions, but also help promote healthy and vibrant skin.

So before we go any further let's talk about Clinique Bonus Time, and how you can take advantage of it to save even more on your Clinique products. There are a number of great opportunities to get free products and really the minimum purchase amount is only $30 which is very affordable. I'm sure you are like me and absolutely love free gifts and offers and Clinique Bonus Time is no exception. While there are many free offers you will want to check with several stores to find out which ones have the best offer for you. I am sure you are curious as to what you get with your free offer, and it will largely depend on your purchase amount, but there are a number of great free products to choose from. And the best part of the promotion, is literally every month of the year at least one of your favorite department stores will be taking part in Clinique Bonus Time. Don't worry if you just missed the bonus time event, as there are several of them throughout the year and even different stores will sometimes have extensions so look around.
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